Anti Graffiti Protection & Cleaning

Unfortunately, graffiti is often used to cover traffic signs, spoil historic buildings, disfigure architectural structures and foul public transport or public spaces. It's a global problem that affects our environment.

The ACB anti-graffiti treatment is a permanent coating that offers effective protection over a long period on various surfaces, including reflective (traffic) signs. Graffiti has never been easier to clean.

Thanks to ACB’s coating expertise, we’ve developed a line of products to make life difficult for graffiti sprayers: Lipa Anti-Graffiti Solutions.

  • A non-toxic and environment-friendly, water-based coating and remover.
  • Developed and manufactured using the latest techniques by our coating experts.
  • Much more durable and cost-effective than anti-graffiti films.
  • Increased protection against graffiti and streaks, resistant to pen, paint, pencil and marking systems.
  • Little odour.
  • Flexible and UV-resistant.
  • Durable coating.
  • Easy to apply as a single coat.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Optimum result with an airless spray application, though the coating can also be applied with a roller or brush.
  • No effect on the colour and retro-reflective performance when the coating is applied to reflective surfaces, such as a traffic sign.

  • Buildings, walls, lifts and staircases
  • Bridges and tunnels
  • Traffic and advertising signs
  • Viaducts and footpaths
  • Vehicles

Lipaprotect AG 15 - 2 Componenten

Protective Anti graffiti coating, waterbased

Application methodSurfaceHardenerDrying/curingUsageApplicationDrop onThinner/Cleaner
manuel/airlessconcrete, plastic, etc.No1 hour - 20°C8-10m2 / LCoating Anti Graffiti 50x cleaning - transparant colourNoWater

Liparemove BLUE

Blue cleaner for sensitive substrates

Application methodSurfaceHardenerDrying/curingUsageApplicationDrop onThinner/Cleaner
manuelconcrete, plastic, etc.No15 min time to work-Cleaner for graffiti on Lipaprotect AG 15NoWater

Liparemove EXTRA

More aggressive cleaner for untreated surfaces

Application methodSurfaceHardenerDrying/curingUsageApplicationDrop onThinner/Cleaner
manuelconcrete, plastic, etc.No30-60 min reaction time-Cleaner for non treated surfacesNoLipasolv V100 AV